How to make Pomegranate Tea

Pomegranate is an extraordinary fruit that was just recently catapulted to the public attention thanks to a popular brand of drink derived from it. While pomegranate seeds can be eaten alone, some prefer to enjoy their sweet taste in beverage form. After all, directly indulging in the seeds can prove to be extremely messy, especially if you’ve never had the pleasure of extracting the seeds before (which should be done with the aid of container filled with water). Pomegranate tea offers a mess-free and refreshing way for you to enjoy the health benefits of this fruit. Numerous studies have all indicated a correlation between improved cardiovascular health and an increased intake of this fruit. While some stores may stock this tea, you are better off making it on your own. Oftentimes, you will find that beverage makers add a number of additional additives that reduce the health benefit which the drink has to offer.

To get started making your own pomegranate tea, you will need make some pomegranate juice. Take a fruit, slice it in half, and place it inside a container filled with water. Once you have removed all the seeds, drain the water. You will need to crush the seeds and then slowly filter the juice into a new bowl. Add some water to dilute the juice.

Go about making your favorite tea as usual. Green tea or black tea are good choices, but it comes down to personal taste. Allow the tea to sit and cool for a few minutes, and then begin to mix it with some of the juice made earlier. Add gradual amounts and be sure to stir in-between. Taste the tea before adding any more juice to check whether it has achieved the desired taste. If it is a bit bitter, try adding some sugar. Eventually, you will achieve the right ratio between the tea and juice, making for a drink. Once this is done, add some ice and enjoy!


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