How To: Pomegranate Martini

Most people associate pomegranates with a wonderful taste that serves as the perfect complement to dessert and other meals. Some have taken it a step further, fusing the fruit with alcohol. This has produced some immensely successful drinks, including the pomegranate martini. This drink has a beautiful red glow and bold taste – ready to be served at any event. If you have a party in the works and would like to serve your guests a unique and memorable beverage, you can prepare some pomegranate martinis. A small investment and a little elbow grease is all that’s required to brew this tasty concoction.

A little grocery shopping is required before you can dive into the process. You will need to purchase a bottle of vodka, some orange liquer and finally pomegranate juice (you can choose to make this as well). A quarter cup of vodka is to be combined with the juice and liquer (3 and 1 tablespoons, respectively). These are to be mixed well and served with ice afterwards. If you would like a carbonic sensation, you can add some sparkling water. You may have to play around with the proportions mentioned above to get the drink tasting just right. Sometimes, people find the juice or vodka has too much of an overpowering presence. Get the ratios of ingredients just right before mixing the beverage for your guests.

You can top off the drink with a lemon or fired orange zest which gives it a nice aesthetic vocal point. The zest will also serve as a flavor-enhancer. The actual firing process makes for a good show, so this is something to consider. Some choose to put pomegranate seeds into the drink for an ornamental effect. Another extra people like to incorporate involves frosting the edge of the martini glass. You will have to rub the lemon along the edge of the glass to give it some tack and afterwards place the opening of the glass on some sugar.


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