Pomegranate Drink Options

It’s hard not to read a medical publication without hearing about the positive effects of pomegranate. People have gravitated towards this middle-eastern fruit not only as a result of its miraculous properties, but also because it makes a tasty companion to any dish imaginable. There’s not many other fruits that work well with entrees and desserts that embody such powerful medicinal properties. Besides consuming the fruit in its natural form and as a taste enhancer, people have begun concocting drinks using pomegranates. You can enjoy something as basic as pomegranate juice, or can indulge in more elaborate beverages live pomegranate martinis. Regardless, you still get the potent antioxidant effects of the seeds.

There are a number of brand-name pomegranate drinks currently available on the market, including POM and Crystal Light. Pomegranate iced teas and martinis can be made by combining the juice with regular tea or vodka/tequila. To get the perfect mixture down, some experimentation is required. If too much pomegranate juice is added, its taste will detract from the other ingredients.

These beverages are perfect for personal enjoyment, family get-togethers, or full fledged parties. If you are looking to stick to a budget, you are better off making the pomegranate juice yourself. A brand-name bottle of this juice can be relatively expensive, and you will need a few of these to serve everyone in attendance. If you buy a few fruits, extract the seeds, and crush them you have natural juice ready to be mixed. You also eliminate any additional sugar which is found in most store-purchased pomegranate juices by going this route. This is also a healthy beverage for any kids that may be in attendance. Unlike in the case of soda, the natural sugar content of pomegranate seeds does not cause dental caries. Some studies have actually found that it prevents plaque buildup. So let the kids drink away!


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