Pomegranate Extract Health Effects

Pomegranate extract is the key to a healthier future, at least as far as scientists are concerned. Numerous studies have all confirmed that it can reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease as well as reduce free radical activity which can cause cancer. A component of the fruit known as ellagic acid is responsible for this cancer-fighting effect. Found in other fruits such as strawberries and raspberries, it has the ability to bind to DNA molecules to protect them against mutations, which cause cells to duplicate abnormally.

With many stores now stocking pomegranate juice and the fruit itself (for those willing to make their own), there is little excuse not to incorporate pomegranate extract in your diet. There is naturally some apprehension for those of you suffering from diabetes about increasing your uptake of this fruit. It turns out that the effects of pomegranate on the disease are all positive, reducing a patient’s susceptibility to atheroscleroris, a condition closely related to diabetes. The high sugar content is remarkably not of tremendous alarm as far as oral health is concerned. Research has shown that the fruit fights plaque, which is the primary cause of dental decay.

There is some debate as to how much pomegranate you should consume on a daily basis. Even though it has profound health effects, too much of anything is bad news. The general consensus is that one eight ounce glass of juice per day is the optimal intake. Most experts do recommended eating the actual fruit over consuming it in beverage form. What happens is that juice makers will make a concoction of different additives that take away from the healthy nature of the fruit. If you are in a rush, the juice is fine. Otherwise, enjoy it in its natural form. If you maintain a consistent intake, your overall health is bound to improve in a few months time.


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  1. Nancy on January 11th, 2013 4:25 pm

    What is the GLYCEMIC INDEX of the seeds from a whole pomegranate, and how many CARBS?
    I am diabetic and am hoping to add this fruit to my diet.
    Thank you.

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