Pomegranate Molasses

If you want to add a bit of middle-eastern flare your dishes, pomegranate molasses is the answer. This concoction has a syrup-like consistency that can be used to marinate meat or to give a salad a sweet and bold taste. It can even be used in desserts like cookies in lieu of less healthy additives. Fortunately, if you don’t have a specialty store nearby that offers this product, you can easily make it from the comfort of your home. Only three ingredients are required to make this delicious molasses – pomegranate juice, some sugar, and finally lemon juice. If you have the ability to do so make the juices yourself from fresh fruits.

All these ingredients are to be combined in a pan that will be used to cook them on a stove top. Mix approximately 4 cups of pomegranate juice, with half a cup of sugar and lemon juice. You may wish to dilute the juice with some water to tone down the strength of the juice. You are free to play around with the proportions if the final product does not yield the taste you were going after. If you are planning to use the molasses with a dessert for instance, less juice and more sugar may be in order. With a little experimentation, you will finally achieve the perfect taste balance.

The mixture is to be cooked on medium heat to allow for the sugar to completely dissolve in the solution. You will need to stir every now and then to expedite the process. Once the sugar has disappeared, notch down the temperature and continue cooking for about an hour. You should know when the pomegranate molasses is ready by testing it consistency. It should be allowed to sit and cool for at least half an hour before using it on any food. You can preserve the molasses in the fridge for later use if need be.


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