Pomegranate Wine

If you are a wine connoisseur, pomegranate wine may prove to be a nice treat after a long day’s work. This wine is made from fermented pomegranate seeds which carry with them a number of nutrients and antioxidants. There is no indication that the wine making process actually eradicates any of the health benefits which this fruit has to offer. A study conducted by a Turkish university actually found that pomegranate wine had furnished more protection against LDL oxidation than red wine. While these seeds are now found in a variety of foods and beverages, not many wine breweries have taken it upon themselves to ferment pomegranate to yield a sweet-tasting wine. Establishments that do offer this wine typically have a very limited selection. The same applies to online stores. Fortunately, the cost is quite affordable, just crossing the double digit range.

Those of you who can’t seem to get your hands on a pomegranate wine may want to attempt to brew it from within your home. This method isn’t exactly for the faint at heart. The entire process takes about a week, but experts often recommend that you let the wine age. Some unique ingredients are involved that most of us aren’t familiar with, such as pectic enzyme and campden tablets. These typically have to be purchased in specialty brewing stores. Alternatively, they can also be acquired via the internet. There is no set guarantee that the end product will be a desirable one, as small mistakes can jeopardize the entire process. So, your time may be better spent locating a retailer that offers the beverage. Remember, you can also combine readily available pomegranate juice to make cocktails without any lengthy procedure or long wait times. It’s quite difficult to botch making a pomegranate martini, for instance. This may be something to try before dedicating immense effort to finding a pomegranate wine.


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  1. susan wiles on November 26th, 2012 10:21 pm

    Pomegranite are great and I’d love to try the wine.

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