Pomegranate Oil For Beautiful Skin

Skin products have been flying off store shelves for decades. Everyone wants to maintain wrinkle and blemish-free skin. A growing problem which many consumers have just started to notice is that skin care companies incorporate numerous additives in their products that raise health concerns. For instance, many skin foaming washes contain an ingredient known as sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a major skin irritant. So while you think you may be doing your skin a favor, you are actually causing damage.

One natural ingredient that has received praise right and left is pomegranate oil. Derived from pomegranate seeds, which can be ingested for protection against cancers and cardiovascular diseases, the oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. This makes it suitable for treating conditions such as acne, where inflamed lesions develop on the skin. It is non-comedogenic, so there should be no concern over new lesions. The moisturizing effect can protect against wrinkles and can help keep your lips moist during winter. The potent exfoliating effect which pomegranate oil can induce helps fade skin pigmentation, whether caused by an existing case of acne or age. With all these remarkable characteristics, it is no wonder that you will find this oil in facial creams, body washes, lip balm, and a number of other products.

Finding pomegranate oil as a standalone product can be difficult. Many online retailers stock the product, however, you will have to find a reputable site to buy from. You may be shocked to find that a one ounce bottle of the oil can run you over $20. However, you will be using only very small amounts of the product on a daily basis. It is worth checking whether any local stores stock the product first. That way, you can avoid shipping charges and any hassles with returns, but most importantly, you will begin to enjoy the product much sooner.


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